Annual summary 2017

Our first hunt was in March with Jochen this time accompanied by his daughter, we were returning to Sentinel for the spiral horns. “Annie Oakley” fired her first shot ever and almost hit the target plum center!

Our first goal was a Nyala but after many miles of walking and stalking in the beautiful riverine forest the first trophies turned out to be a nice Impala and a fine bushbuck. After six days and many hours of stalking an excellent Nyala bull was just reward and well worth waiting for!  A good Kudu was on the list but we never expected to get so lucky as to collect a really magnificent bull. Jochen is returning in March 2018 for a buffalo hunt.

First of May we headed up to Sijarira camp on the shores of Lake Kariba to pre-bait for Johann, a good friend from South Africa accompanying his Alaskan hunter Chrys who was after a leopard. When the hunters arrived three days later we had several cats moving and two feeding. One evening we watched a pair feeding and a few days later a monster hit one of our baits but he was too smart for us, feeding and moving on never to return to the same bait. Ultimately we failed to harvest a cat.

In June we had the privilege of hunting on one of my favorite concessions, 32,000 ha of the most beautiful country on the Limpopo River. I was joining P.H. Rich Brebner with two couples and close friends of the owners. I was guiding Glen and his wife Lori and we were after an assortment of plains game and a hyena. Glen and I had baits out for hyena and had several feeding as well as a pair of leopard. Early one morning just before sunup we had some excitement with the tom. Glen was lying prone across a rock waiting for a hyena to show and as it was getting light the cat came hunting up the hill and almost walked right into Glen. The two of them saw each other at no more than 20 paces and with that the cat dived over the rocks and disappeared. A beautiful dark coated male. We had a great hunt and between them they took a dozen trophies.

Early in July we accompanied Marc, Marty and his wife and daughter, Clair & Noah up to the shores of Lake Kariba, Sijarira camp. Marc and Marty were both after buffalo. Marty and family were on their first visit to Zimbabwe so it was easy to keep them entertained but with such a lovely group of people it would have been easy anywhere. Unfortunately, Marc winged his  buffalo bull on our first day and since the bull had a unique front hoof print we spent almost the entire next week pursuing him but to no avail.  Marc had to leave after a week but it had put us on the back foot and sadly we failed to get a bull for Marty in the few remaining days.  Some time later Marc’s buffalo was found dead.

At the end of July my good friend Eric came accompanied by equally good friends Guy and Eric’s son Neil. All three hunters were after buffalo so I decided Hammond ranch in Save conservancy would be one of the best choices of venue. I was ably assisted by PH Scottie Guthrie and he and Neil were first to score with a nice old daggaboy. Eric and I came second after five days of tracking the same four bulls. Eric shot his bull a bit far back and we had some fun and games finding it. As it turned out the bull was in fact trying to find us! Eric placed the second shot perfectly and the game was over. Guy and I were next and after a full day of hard tracking we got lucky with a magnificent old quality trophy bull. Eric and Scottie got Eric’s second buff apparently after quite a gun fight! Neil and I got lucky on the last morning and Neil’s shot placement was, as always, quite perfect and scored him a great bull.  Last to score were Guy and Scottie which made us well satisfied with six great buffalo taken in all. We rounded off a perfect hunt with a pleasant evening of dove shooting and a barbeque.  The next day Neil and Scottie departed and Eric, Guy and I paid a visit to the Clarendon cliffs in Gonarezhou and spent the last two days back at one of my favorite venues which is Sentinel ranch.

Mid August my good buddy John came out with his non hunting friend Rhonie who had never been to Zimbabwe. John was primarily after a nice Nyala so I had decided to hunt Bishopstone estates where we were well taken care of by manager and manageress John and Debbie.  A great time was had by all and John ended up with nine trophies. We spend every day walking and stalking particularly along the riverine areas primarily for Nyala and certainly the highlights were an absolutely magnificent Nyala as well as a fantastic Waterbuck. We finished off with a trip up to the famous Victoria Falls which was a grand finale.

At the beginning of October, we found ourselves in Nengasha safaris’ Deka tails area where I have not been for many years. We were hunting a father and son on behalf of my friend and fellow PH Pete Barnard. I was after buffalo with the son, Anders.  We had a great hunt finding fresh tracks and following up until the buffalo were sighted. We ignored the herds and walked after only daggaboys covering many miles and we even turned down the first several opportunities waiting for the ‘right’ trophy.  On day five Anders collected a fine Kudu bull  and since we had seen good size tracks of  three different lion we used some of the kudu carcass to bait them. That same night two lion visited the bait and took care of a large portion thereof.  The next day we got lucky with the first buffalo. One of six bulls we had followed for many miles. They were laying down in the shade by the time we got up to them which made it extremely difficult to get into a shooting lane without spooking them. Finally, a nice bull stood up and Anders gave him a hurried broadside then the war was on! It took some painfully slow and tense tracking and after a hail of lead the bull succumbed.  Anders second buffalo was a different story.  As luck would have it we picked up tracks of the same four bulls that we had our first follow up on but on that occasion they had crossed back into the National park. When we came upon them the four were feeding straight toward us and we waited until the last possible minute and Anders brained the bull at no more than 20 paces.  Unfortunately, the lion never cooperated. They were favored by the no night hunting rule and although we had them in our sights a few times before and after shooting hours were over, it was never at the right time and Anders left without a lion.

All that remains is to wish you all a happy and prosperous New Year filled with fun and party.   Best regards and happy hunting….  Preferably with us!

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