Terry Fenn Photography

Photography is something that has always been a passion and close to my heart. Being fortunate enough to have grown up in the bush has given me the opportunity to develop my skills as a photographer and to strive for that perfect picture. I would say my specialty is a life long interest in Ornithology which has certainly helped keep the enthusiasm going. Three of my great passions in life are photography, the outdoors and hunting and I am very fortunate to have made those my life’s vocation. The exhilaration and sheer joy of experiencing new landscapes and wildlife in some of the world’s best and wildest locations has kept me enthused for most of my life. Nothing gives me more pleasure than to be able to share those experiences with like- minded people. Here are some of my favorites……



Katt Fenn Photography

I was born in March 1982 and for as long as I can remember I have been a lover of the outdoors. I became interested in mainly wildlife photography in 2010 when I worked in Hwange National Park where I was based for two years.   My passion for photography has progressed from there and has now become my favorite hobby. I taught myself to use my camera so can confidently say that photographic skill has got to be a part of you, its in the genes. I can thank growing up on a farm and my father, Terry Fenn, for my love of the bush and wildlife.   You can look for more of my work on my Facebook page, Katt Fenn Photography. If anyone is interested in ordering prints of my work, you can contact me direct on kattfenn@gmail.com