Jochen Renzing

“Early in 2016 my son Robert and me had the pleasure to be guided by Terry on a plains game safari in the very south of the country, bordering South Africa.  We very much enjoyed our stay in the luxurious camp of the Sentinel Ranch, surrounded by a most beautiful and unspoiled savanna landscape. We sighted plenty of game and had numerous exiting stalks, and, by the help of Terry and his team were able to bag some very fine trophies.  As we enjoyed the experience very much, and also encouraged by the sighting of quite a few nice Nyala during our early morning stalks along the Limpopo river I very soon arranged with Terry to return in 2017 to try my luck for these beautiful antelope.”

Best regards,  Jochen

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Ken & Elaine Myers.          Ken had such a wonderful time he can’t stop talking about it, it really is fun listening to him & seeing the excitement in his eyes. Ken also said Terry was just great with him, he enjoyed having him for his Guide, a very nice person. Ken has been guided by Terry four times.       Arkansas.

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Eric Johanson,                     I can recommend Terry without reservation, to any potential client, as a man of integrity, character, and unwavering principles. My family and I returned to Zimbabwe with Terry in 2015, 16 and 2017            Sylmar CA 

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David & Vicky Essary       Our trip to Zimbabwe was perfect in every way and Terry worked so hard to ensure our comfort and satisfaction

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Victor G. Cimino,                The word professional in the term PH is by no means wasted on Terry, he in fact defines it and

his professionalism is clearly a hallmark of his character.      Chicago IL

Pete & Carol Moll  “It has been my pleasure to hunt Big Game with Terry, he is the consummate bushman and hunting pro who would prefer to spend all of his time away from camp in the bush.  He inspires a sense of safety even in the most difficult situation and I happily placed my life and those of my wife & children under his protection on many occasions.  Terry is a no-frills, down to earth guy who will do whatever it takes to make your expectations a reality, add a fine sense of humor and you will not only hunt well, but laugh in equal measure!  I do not hesitate to advocate Terry’s services to anyone wishing to hunt Africa. “

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Thomas Sandsmark         I can recommend Terry Fenn to anyone wishing to hunt in Zimbabwe as an honest and honorable man and a great and tireless hunter whose knowledge of all of the Flora and Fauna of Zimbabwe is incredible.  I hunted with Terry in 2008 very successfully and will be going back in May of 2015 knowing I am hunting with the Best. Terry is a gentleman and also the guy I want next to me when I am hunting dangerous game.

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Patrick J. Early CPA, CFP         My wife and I had the pleasure of hunting with Terry.  It was her first safari and she had never hunted before.  Terry’s patience and demeanor put her totally at ease and she took everything she was after without ever missing.  I hunted elephant and I have never had anyone work any harder to get me a quality animal.  I have hunted many places and Terry is truly one of the best.                SOMERSET CPAs, P.C.

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Guy W. Dew     My wife and I hunted with Terry and Chinanga safaris and were very satisfied. We are going back in April 2015. His knowledge and ability was top notch. His staff, equipment and accommodation were more than satisfactory and after more than 10 trips to Africa he is at the top of our list of hunting experiences. I highly recommend Terry for hunting in Africa   Manitoba Canada

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Guy Coheleach                     I only hunt Cape buffalo.   Every single day that I have hunted with him he has brought me on to buffalo, something no one has done for me since the 1970s.  Terry Fenn would surely be my first choice of P.H. He is now a dear friend and I look forward to his company on every safari! The next is in August 2015. I cannot recommend Terry Fenn highly enough!

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Jeff Davis                As an experienced hunter who has hunted Africa many times, in different countries, I highly recommend Terry Fenn for his professional hunting abilities. His prior experience as a Zimbabwe Game Ranger and his knowledge of the Big Five and plains game is well known. He enabled me to get one of the most elusive African trophies, my Leopard. He knows all the hunting areas in Zimbabwe and will get you on the game you want to take.                                                             See Game Trails and Safari Magazine Fall 2012. Vol XIX No.3.

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Helge Jakobsen                    After my first big game hunting in Africa 1990, I returned in 2011. This time looking for the African elephant. Checking for the best with hunting-friends that know, of many outfitters, I decided on Chinanga Safaris. I contacted Terry and he set up the trip. We met in Victoria Falls in May. We made a great hunt together and he worked hard to deliver and he REALLY did. The whole trip was great with very professional company and no hidden costs! I therefore give Terry my best recommendations. I can be contacted on

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